2017/2018 Saints Financial Aid and Discount Policy

As a true Not-for-Profit Club with below market fees, it is not possible for the Saints to offer direct scholarships for prospective players with a valid financial need. In rare cases, the Club may be able to match a player in need of financial assistance with club supporter. Please discuss this with your coach or the club Business Manager, Kevin Daly.

We are pleased to confirm the following discount programs available to our families.

Team Manager Discount

Team managers enjoy a 30% from our standard fees. Team managers are selected by the team coach in coordination with the Business Manager. If you are interested in serving as a Team Manager, please contact your team coach.

Sibling Discount

The Saints can offer a 30% discount from our standard fees for families with more than one child playing for our club. The first and second siblings of an existing player will receive a 30% discount off of their own standard fee. This applies only to the first and second sibling. For the original player and any additional siblings, the standard fee applies.

If you have any questions on our discount policy, please contact Kevin Daly at kdaly@txsaints.com.