I've watched my son grow under the coaching and leadership of the Saints coaches. They have help him find courage and determination that he didn't have before he joined the team. These coaches make soccer fun, but also show my son what it means to be a tough competitor. Thanks Coach Ryan and Saints ASC!

Saints Soccer ParentSouthlake, Texas
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Ryan Ross

Director of Coaches 

Contact: (817) 726-1297 | Email

Teams: 00G, 06B, 08B, 09B


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Jeff Schott

Contact: (720) 891-8144 | Email

Teams: 99G, 06G

Licenses: USSF C, NSCAA National Diploma

Amanda Novoa

Fitness & Nutrition

Contact: (904) 994-4610 | Email

Teams: Club Fitness & Nutrition Coach, 09B


Ross Dewet

Contact:                | Email

Teams: 04B, 07G, 10G


Patrick Mullen

Contact: (210) 289-2289 | Email

Teams: 10B, 11B


Anastasia Herskind

Goalkeeper Coach

Contact:               Email